E39 Aerodynamic Lip Spoiler
Prepared by VietSB
Modified 04.13.04

NOTE: Perform these steps at your own risk. All P/N's listed are a "best guess", so please double-check with your local dealer. These mods and repairs were performed on my US-Spec 1997 540iA (11/96 prod date, M62 engine) but there is no guarantee they will work on other E39's. These instructions are provided for entertainment purposes only!

BACKGROUND: The BMW supplied instructions are self-explanatory enough so most home mechanics should have almost no problems with installation. Lately, I've been hearing more and more stories of buyers receiving either no, wrong, or German-language instructions with their order. E-mail me if this happens to you.

Keep in mind this spoiler is intended for early-model E39's which originally came with the stubby front spoiler/airdam. 2001+ models came stock with a fairly nice spoiler and round fog lights, so I wouldn't even replace it (IMHO). Check the pics below to see if you have the older bodywork.

This add-on spoiler slides over the bottom portion of the existing airdam and glues (supplied) to the center portion of the airdam as well as the sides. It also reuses the fender liner screws, and 2 new holes w/ body fasteners to secure it. It's probably recommended to install the spoiler within a couple of days of having it professionally painted to be sure the flex agent hasn't fully cured.

Required Parts:

Required Tools (as listed in instructions):

Recommended Tools:
1. Again, just carefully read and follow the supplied instructions. The fender liner work can be done by simply pointing the front wheels to the sides.

Here's a before and after pic:

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